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In 1994, a small dream became a reality. The House of Tetteh Plahar was born in the modest environs of the North Kaneshie Industrial Area, in the Ghanaian capital of Accra. It was a fresh burst on the fashion scene with its unique brand of youthful creative talent and sheer boldness, driven by the passion of its young founder, Tetteh Plahar, who was only 19 at the time. The fashion house was quickly noticed and went on to win an Ebony award for talent discovery.

In February 1995, it was contracted by Ghana’s biggest fabric-producing company at the time - G.T.P to hold sales promotional fashion shows using their fabrics. It was a massive endorsement for such a young brand and the beginning of great changes in the Ghanaian fashion industry. Around this time, the love for the African print was somewhat limited to the older Ghanaians, especially women. The younger generation was going after the western style. The House of Tetteh Plahar came up with vibrant designs to capture the attention of the younger generation and thus increased the market range for these fabrics. Attracting the youth was a vital passion of the fashion house because of the profile not only of its founder but the entire team. Its youthful brand and unique approach did appeal more to the younger generation.

The House of Tetteh Plahar has since been involved with various fashion shows and exhibitions in Europe and beyond to promote the image of African and, thus, Ghanaian fashion. It specializes in fashion areas such as trend analysis, trend forecast, deconstruction and conceptual designs.

The director and head designer of the company Mr Tetteh Plahar is a product of North Ridge Lyceum and Achimota School, he later graduated from the University of Bedfordshire with honours in Fashion and Textile design.

Tetteh Plahar Designs combines a range of fabrics from different parts of the fashion world with an African twist for effect. Wax prints with elements of luxury gold and splashes of metallic colour infuse regal glamour.

Delicate fibres of silk, satin, chiffon, taffeta and lace embellished with traditional African beads and feathers.

Hand-woven Kente is specially crafted to a specific request laced with rich, delicate fabrics and hand embroidery to create a range of dazzling apparel for the modern fashion lover.

Our vintage range incorporates a line of symmetric shapes with elements of draping, pleats, gathers and frills.